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  • Unable to escape the gravitational pull of a truly massive planet, the cosmic-exploration ship Orcna hurtles ever nearer to the planet's surface. You close your eyes and brace yourself for the impending collision...

    ...which fails to happen. You open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by warning lights, horrendous creaking sounds, and the faintly audible sound of running water.

    Submerged beneath a vast and alien ocean, the Orcna is gradually disintegrating... With the pressure building rapidly around you, you'll need to evacuate the water from each section as quickly as possible, avoiding exotic aliens and malfunctioning guns which are hellbent on your destruction.

  • XBLARatings - ...it is a solid 7 and worth trying if you like action puzzle games.
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  • Due to an unexplained freak accident the power plant on TVOD-1 has suddenly gone past its safety point and is nearing meltdown. As a crack member of the Allumanian defence unit, you have been drafted in to pilot a lone ship capable of extinguishing the radioactive core on TVOD-1. Good luck!
  • OtakuDante - "Paradise/Archifishal Software did an amazing job in designing a game that I believe older gamers, as well as newcomers to the gaming community will enjoy."
  • VideoGamerRob - "4/5 A true treat for any retro game fan, Inferno! offers classic gameplay with a style that harkens back to the glory days of video games."
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