RISC OS: Tools


  • This allows you to create 6502Em format Tapefiles from files on a RISC OS machine. So if you have a game that doesn't work from disc in 6502Em, it might be worth putting it together as a Tapefile.


  • cdparanoia is a command-line application which extracts audio data from CDs. It requires that the CD_ReadAudio SWI is available, and currently supports CDFS and CDROMFS devices. 0.06 is compiled with SharedCLibrary, which should make it better, but it's not been thoroughly tested.


  • IfPing allows conditional execution based on whether or not a host is pingable. If it is, the 'Then' clause will be executed, otherwise the 'Else' clause will be executed.


  • Random port of the various PuTTY tools from latest subversion source tree. Bit pointless really, but I might do more with them sometime. Lets you do SSH/rlogin etc.


  • Tidy is a RISC OS port of the program HTML TIDY, which tidies HTML files up nicely. This is largely unsupported as I don't really have time to maintain it.

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