Miscellaneous: Doom WADs


  • This is a reasonably challenging level with a fair bit of running to begin with, although there's a few secrets along the way to help you out.
Exodus level snapshot

Redemption Denied

  • Based loosely on the 54th level of the PlayStation version of Doom called Redemption Denied, this is quite a nice level for multi-player Doom deathmatches.
  • In fact you can get a 'proper' version which includes this level from here for the PC, which is a total conversion of the PSX version :) (I think you should be able to do IDCLEV54 in-game to jump straight to this level)
Redemption Denied level snapshot

Truly Nightmarish

  • This is the first original Doom WAD I made - there's not a lot of depth to it, but there are a few secrets and puzzles.
Truly Nightmarish level snapshot

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