RISC OS: Applications


  • This is an unfinished version of my Protracker music player/editor. Basically it is a reimplementation of ArcPlay, but without all the support for different types of players, and the carousel isn't implemented, but allows some sort of editing of the Protracker song.


  • This is a program which will play any type of music it is given, provided the necessary interface is available between the player and the main application.


  • This is a development version of a replacement GUI client for the current RISC OS distributed.net CLI client. Mostly it has the same functionality as the old GUI, except you can't configure things from the frontend and other things like that.


  • This is a simple program which can extract Doom WAD files into directories in a similar way to DoomFS, but can also put them back together from directory. This version has been updated slightly by Chris Bazley, so it's not quite as rubbish as my version ;)


  • This program allows you to edit the Hyperball level files for the BBC Superior Software game Hyperball on your RISC OS machine. Or you can make your own.


  • Nettle is the terminal emulator and telnet client for the RISC OS operating system. It utilises the ZapRedraw module for speedy display and is a fast, clean native implementation. Visit the main website for more details and downloads.


  • This program allows you to send text messages to digital mobile phones, using a dial-up modem connection. Chances are no-one uses this any more, but it's here for completeness.
SMSTrans snapshot

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